For Patients
Catonsville Travel Vaccines Clinic
3. We can provide the vaccines that  
your primary care doctor doesn't
carry. Vaccines such as the HPV
vaccine, Shingles vaccine, and the
MMR are perfect examples.
2. Our services are provided from a  
private practice office setting instead of
a large impersonal clinic setting.

5. Prompt service. Most patients are
seen within 10 to 15 minutes of their
scheduled appointments.

6. Friendly, courteous staff

7.Convenient location-right off the
beltway -Exit 15 East of 695.

8. Some travel clinics require, and
charge for,  a consultation - even if
you know which vaccines you need or

9. A summary report of all services
rendered  and vaccines given are
provided to you for your records.

10. Flexible office hours to provide
appointments that are more
convenient . As you will soon
discover, most travel clinics have
limited appointment times.

11. We offer discounts to groups.

12. Our prices are up front. A price list
can be found right on our website.
Some  travel clinics will not inform you
of the cost until you come in to receive
your vaccines. Would you buy a car
without knowing the price?

13. We are honest with informing you
of exactly which vaccines you need.
We don't try to get you to receive
unnecessary vaccines just to make an
extra buck.
1. Services are provided by Doctors
who have received special training in
Travel Medicine. We can also review a
patient's medical history and make
better decisions than a non-physician
travel clinic.