Catonsville Travel Vaccines Clinic
Samuel R. Williams, M.D.
Your Travel Medicine
Dr. Williams graduated from Johns Hopkins
University and the University of Maryland School of

Dr. Williams is a Specialist in Travel Medicine. He is
a member of the International Society of Travel
Medicine (ISTM). Dr. Williams is certified in
International Travel Medicine and has received the
ISTM Certificate of Travel Health. The ISTM
Certificate of Travel Health is awarded only to
medical professionals who demonstrate excellence
in the knowledge of Travel Medicine.

Dr. Williams is a member of the International
Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers.  
Also, Dr. Williams is a member of The American
Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. In
addition, Dr. Williams serves on the American
Committee on Clinical Tropical Medicine and
Traveler's Health. He has written numerous articles
concerning travel medicine and has presented
lectures on the topic. Dr. Williams serves as a
consultant to other physicians and insurance
companies concerning travel medicine.

He is a board certified physician in Pediatrics and is
a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. His
pediatric knowledge provides a special expertise
in the area of children and travel.

On a personal note, Dr. Williams has traveled to
Bermuda,  Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, England, and
many other countries located in the Caribbean,
Northern and Southern Europe, the Mediterranean,
Central America, Asia, and South America.

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